Yo, anime aficionados! Buckle up 'cause Toei Animation just dropped a bombshell that's gonna rock your world. The cult classic "Expelled from Paradise" is getting a sizzling sequel, "Liberated from Paradise." It's been a hot minute—over a decade, in fact—since the original blew our minds, and while the release date's playing hard to get, the hype is real!

The Original: A Quick Throwback

Let's rewind to 2014 when "Expelled from Paradise" hit the big screens in Japan. This joint gig between Toei Animation and Nitroplus, with Seiji Mizushima at the helm, was all the rage. It scored an "acceptable" badge on MyAnimeList, with over 44,000 reviews weighing in. That's no small feat, peeps!

Who's Bringing the Magic?

  • At the director's chair, we've got Seiji Mizushima, the legend behind hits like "Fullmetal Alchemist." Will Graphinica jump back in for round two? Stay tuned!
  • The script's got the Midas touch of Gen Urobuchi, the mastermind behind some epic tales. Expect some serious storytelling chops here.
  • Character design and animation direction? That's Masatsugu Saito's playground, and we're here for it.
  • And the tunes? They're courtesy of Narasaki, so you know the soundtrack's gonna slap.

Expelled from Paradise

What's the 411 on the Original?

In a future where Earth's seen better days, humanity's living it up digital-style in DEVA, a space station paradise. No more death, no more hunger—just peace. That is until Frontier Setter, a hacker with mad skills, starts stirring the pot with some truth bombs.

Enter Angela Balzac, DEVA's law enforcer, who's hot on the hacker's trail. She goes full-on human 2.0, rocking a clone body to take on the Earth's wastelands. With Dingo, the smooth-talking Earth agent, they dive deep into the mystery of Frontier Setter, uncovering some jaw-dropping truths about their so-called paradise.

Wrap It Up with a Bang!

So, what's the takeaway? "Expelled from Paradise" gave us a taste of a wild, digital utopia with a side of existential crunch. Now, "Liberated from Paradise" is gearing up to take us on a fresh thrill ride through this cybernetic saga. Keep your eyes peeled for more deets, and don't forget to hit up your squad about this.

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(c) Toei Animation & Nitroplus / Paradise Exile Society

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