The battle is over, but the war has only just begun. My Hero Academia is about to enter a dark phase that will plunge society into deep chaos. There are too many episodes sparked in the furious battle between heroes and villains over the past year, and Kohei Horikoshi gives us a taste of it My Hero Academia 297.

As Chapter 300 approaches, Horikoshi has decided to start a new phase that will bring My Hero Academia towards the end. And the prison of Tartarus will only be the first step on this new final path. While the guards are watching the prison, which was built 5 kilometers from the coast and from which it is almost impossible to escape, someone attacks the main gate.

As expected, All for One has launched an attack on Shigaraki's body and, with the help of his Nomu, begins to set fire to the fortress and its guards. Although the body has not yet recovered from the last battle and its personality is trying to rebel, All for One continues the aggression and also begins to dodge the other prisoners from the depths of Tartarus, which leads us to Also, check out some already familiar faces.

While the My Hero Academia super villain begs the prisoners to join him, he is now free in front of his real body announces that this will be his first step in the birth of the new Demon King. My Hero Academia 298 will arrive at Weekly Shonen Jump next week.

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