It's been a lifetime since ONE PIECE made its anime debut in Japan. The beginning of Luffy's adventure was faced with a completely different effort Toei animationBut as times changed and drawing techniques evolved, anime began to change too.

However, with the arrival of the Wanokuni saga, the anime was released ONE PIECE has really regenerated. Even though Toei Animation dates back to twenty years of episodes produced week after week, he decided to completely restart the animation department by introducing a product that was suitable for the new years. The arrival of Tetsuya Nagamine as director of ONE PIECE was felt several times and The anime remembered it with the latest episodes.

Episode 957 of ONE PIECE was hailed as a masterpiece by all fans thanks to Megumi Ishitani's skillful handling of the director. However, an example of the anime's progress over this decade can be seen in the two frames collected by One Piece Dice below. In both cases it is Whitebeard, one on the occasion of the Battle of Marineford in 2011 and the other in the most recent episode, which opened in 2021. The attention to detail, color and lighting effects all helped make Whitebeard's character look much more impactful than it was 10 years ago.

Did you notice this difference? And did you appreciate the recent progress in the ONE PIECE anime?

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