We are now in the final stages of The Attack of the Giants. In an interview, Hajime Isayama confirmed that 5% are missing at the end of his work. If we wanted to relate this number to the chapters, it would mean that there is about a quarter of a year left to the conclusion of the manga of the decade. What Isayama prepared for Attack on Titan 129?

After a month of stop due to the postponement of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, The Attack of the Giants returns with a bombastic battle between the forces led by Floch and those of the union between Marleyans and Eldians. Annie and Reiner they are struggling with enormous difficulty against a large swarm of soldiers, allowing Azumabito engineers to evacuate the building.

Unfortunately, however, the men are targeted and only thanks to the timely and almost suicidal interventions of the two giants of Marley the group manages to save themselves without victims. In all this, Mikasa, Hange, Connie, Jean and everyone else are killing their ex-comrades while they are under enemy fire. Unfortunately, they can't do anything but sacrifice these people to save the world.

in the meantime Falcon has made up his mind to use the new power of the Giant Jaw and despite Pieck's attempts to dissuade him, the boy throws himself into the middle of the battle. The group will decide to let it do as it sets off on a ship where, once at sea, steps will be taken to prepare the aircraft for take-off. Falco manages to transform himself and unwittingly helps his companions while a supply of Jaegerist troops is strangely stopped by an explosion.

While all the enemies seem defeated and Magath saves Falco from his blind wraththey all board the ship, with Gabi giving the final blow to Floch. The only thing missing is Marley's general who decides to stay behind to worry about a clean retreat. Keith Shadis arrives to his rescue, the one who had noticed the escape of Annie and the others and who sabotaged the train. The warrior duo decide to blow up the other ship anchored at the port, allowing the boys to sail. The explosion and tears of Pieck and Gabi mark the end of The Attack of the Giants 129.

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