The tragic story of the Todoroki family dominated the scene in My Hero Academia 6x17. The true hero of the Endeavor family is actually Shoto, the one who was able to reunite his family to save his older brother lost in the darkness. The next Studio BONES' anime episode focuses on Deku.

In My Hero Academia 6x18, Deku is still unconscious while All Might watches over his health. Before you become active again, i One For All predecessors have requested a hearing with him.

In the eighteenth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 Izuku Midoriya is brought to his Quirk's inner world, where all remnants that previously possessed this power are collected.

meeting with the predecessors, Deku discovers Quirk's story and its true function of counteracting All For One. However, the Vestiges are not convinced of Midoriya and Nana Shimura asks the boy a difficult question. Will Deku Shigaraki be able to kill Tomura?

Izuku Midoriya may be the last heir to One For All, with the power no longer impartable to a person who already possesses a Quirk, and with those born without a Quirk who are now all but disappearing from the face of the earth. It will therefore be up to him to stop the symbol of fear. However, Izuku replies to Shimura that he will still try to save the child hidden in Tomura's soul.

Three days later, during an Endeavor press conference, Best Jeanist and Hawks formally apologize to the public. The three, along with the remaining Pro Heroes, will take care of resolving the situation. Meanwhile the Hero Academies across the country are being turned into safehouses for the civilian population.

The episode ends with Izuku Midoriya leaving his companions a letter informing them of One For All, He leaves to carry One For All's burden in solitude.

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