The space of mind and time is one of them most mysterious places of Dragon Ball. At first this place seemed only connected to the sanctuary of God: through a door in a secret corridor it was possible to enter this alternate dimension where time flows in a completely different way.

The space of mind and time is back in Dragon Ball Super too, but not just once. During the Molo saga, Goku used one suggested by the angel Merus, but in the very final chapters of the Cereal saga about the survivors, another revelation comes. Finding another was Freezawho, thanks to training in this alternate dimensional space, was able to reach new heights of power and unlock the Black Freezer transformation.

But what are they Properties of the spirit and time period used by Freeza? The Galactic Emperor admitted that he had trained in this room for ten years, located on a planet he had conquered. It is therefore not the space known on Earth and probably not even that revealed by Merus. The first can be ruled out because Freeza didn't set foot on Earth, the second instead because time passed too slowly.

Actually the The space presented by Merus had a time ratio of 1:3, that is, one day spent indoors was equivalent to three days outdoors. At 10 years, so 3650 days, that would mean that Freeza would have trained indoors for about 1215 days, so almost three and a half years, but that much time doesn't seem to have passed since the Tournament of Power.

It is possible that Freeza was in a room for ten days, that is, in the same proportion as Earth, and a room spending a year inside for ten days outside. Here's why Disappearance of Freeza during the final events of the Dragon Ball Super saga and why it wasn't considered by the Dragon of Cereal.

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