Wano ended with the saga throwing the Chaos in the world of ONE PIECE. In every place there have been countless reversals, with fallen crews and lost powers, with twists and turns on every level. Around this time there was the important battle of Amazon Lily which revealed several things about the state of the Navy.

Vegapunk has advanced their technology and thus managed to improve the pacifists. The old PXs that looked like Bartholomew Bear are no more: in their place in ONE PIECE 1059 the Seraphim appeared, the new PX. However, these have some extremely interesting properties that are worth analyzing.

First, these characters appear as children but with larger than normal bodies. Also, their complexion is dark, their hair light, and they have huge black wings on their backs that can emanate fire. These are the same characteristics as the Lunarians which were well explained during the fight between Zoro and King. The details to note don't stop there, however.

As the Serpent Empress sisters note at the end of the chapter, one of the two Seraphim employed by Amazon Lily is identical to Boa Hancock as a child. The more attentive ONE PIECE fans will probably have noticed that the other is identical to Drakul Mihawk as a childcomplete with a sword that can cut anything.

As a replacement for the Fleet of Seven, Vegapunk is able to get their hands on the genes of the old members, to merge it with those of the Lunarians, creating these creatures likely robotic but with unique traits. Thus, the appearance of Seraphim in the guise of Crocodile, Trafalgar Law, Blackbeard, Gecko Moria and all the others who have been part of the group in the past cannot be ruled out.

The Navy and Vegapunk really managed to pull this offThe perfect weapon from ONE PIECE?

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