The war continues in The attack of the giants 4 The numerous fans of Hajime Isayama’s works witness a terrible turnaround. Here are the fans’ reactions to Gabi, the author of the crime.

The actions of Eren and the Scout Army presented in the last few episodes have reversed the roles of protagonists and antagonists work. After Willy Tybur declared war, the attacking giant appeared in the Liberius camp, sowed numerous victims among civilians and showed us Falco and Gabi in a similar situation as the protagonists of the manga a few years ago.

After losing two companions and watching the devastation the giants wreaked in their own nation, the little warrior he did not hesitate to pursue his enemies In the airship with which the inhabitants of the island of Paradis withdrew, he pulled the trigger of his rifle at this point Sasha mortally wounded. In this context, I will report on news about the departure of his character in The Attack of the Giants 4 from the voice actress.

The death of the girl who has accompanied the protagonists since the first season has shocked numerous fans who condemned Gabi’s actions and subsequently shared various posts, some of which are reported at the bottom of this message. Other enthusiasts have instead understood the actions of Reiner’s cousin, even after the recent events continues to regard the island’s Eldians as real demons.

What do you think about it? What are your impressions of Gabi’s character and actions? Let us know with a comment.

For those interested, I leave a touching cosplay of Sasha from The Attack of the Giants 4.

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