When it comes to productions that have proven capable of attracting the attention of a large section of the public, it often happens that the same works are augmented by a whole series of initiatives and products, which on different occasions do little with the reference series - or nothing - together.

Among these prominent franchise companies there is certainly the epic ONE PIECE, which over the years has managed to arouse the interest of a huge audience in all parts of the world and thus connect with countless "initiatives". between advertising of all kinds, amusement parks and much more. Well, it seems that Eiichirō Oda's creature will now also see the arrival of a themed clock that apparently has already talked a lot about itself.

As seen in the picture below on the news, The clock in question is characterized by a whole series of themed images These are reminiscent of some familiar elements of the work, a work that came about thanks to the collaboration with the PREMICO company, which announced that everything will be published in October 2020, while pre-orders are already available. As announced, The watch is priced at $ 205 (without considering the shipping costs) and also with the first statements, the idea seems to be really attractive to the public.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that some interesting spoilers from ONE PIECE 988 have also recently arrived.

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