The new story arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes led Goku to wake up in Fu's parallel universe, a mysterious place hosted by numerous historical antagonists that appears to be closely related to Universe 7. While Goku is on an alternate earth, he awoke Vegeta here.

Fu's elaborate plan worked Goku and Vegeta split up. While Kakarot was embroiled in an uphill battle with Freeza, Cooler and Broly, in which he was heartily helped with great surprise, the Saiyan prince found himself in a place we thought we would never see again.

Vegeta is dismayed to find that he's up Planet Vegeta, Planet that gave birth to him and that was destroyed years ago by Freeza’s surprise attack. Strangely enough, the Saiyajins' planet in the parallel universe of Fu is still intact and even populated. To keep the prince company, we find two other Saiyajins who are unfortunately anything but friendly to him, Cumber and Turles. Will he be able to juggle two opponents of this magnitude alone?

Vegeta prepares for his biggest battle in Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 34. Meanwhile, Goku faces a devastating return in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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