Boruto 51: Naruto and Kurama dominate the scene with a new and powerful form

Like many characters present in Battle Shonen, Naruto Uzumaki has taken various forms over the years, each characterized by a unique design that has enabled him to face decidedly powerful opponents. In the last chapter of BorutoThe Hokage intervened to save his son and Sasuke from Jigen with a new transformation.

Chapter 51 of Boruto begins with the portrayal of the young protagonist alongside Sasuke against the terrible Isshiki, who has now taken control of Boruto's body Jigen who easily manages to get the two Konoha ninjas into trouble, Hit Uchiha from behind and break Boruto's arm to keep him alive and let the ten tails eat him.

The last pages of the chapter show how Naruto is deeply concerned for the Leaf Village and especially for his son, and how he quickly gets to the scene of the clash. The Hokage hears Kurama's voice. The nine-tailed fox explains how the only way to defeat Isshiki is to use a technique that remains hidden all the time and would cause Naruto's death once used.

""Kurama, I am ready. You have been for a long time. From the day I became Hokage. No, actually, ever since I decided to become a Hokage. " These are the words of Naruto who then decides to receive this power from Kurama. take a form never seen beforewith face modifications that make the ninja look like a fox, with Kurama's chakra protruding from his cloak, and a spiral symbol that extends over the Nine Tails. You can see the transformation in question in the table below. on the side.

Keep in mind that the novel showed Sasuke Shinden how Sasuke encouraged Sarada, and we leave Boruto Chapter 51 for a full analysis.

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