Dragon Ball Super 66, the V-Jump preview is clear: Goku vs Molo will end soon

After almost two years of publication, the Molo saga is coming to an end. The first revelation came from publisher Uchida, head of V-Jump-Magazin e Employee of the duo Toriyama - Toyotaro, who deals with Dragon Ball Super.

The reveal came in an interview on Dragon Ball Super, long before the new chapter was released. But the chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super that could have led to this climax didn't. Instead, it seems that everything will be postponed until next month with Dragon Ball Super 66.

To reveal it, the manga is previewed on V-Jump. The magazine confirms that the The battle between Son Goku and Molo, the devourer of the planets, will close its doors with the number 66. We'll know in about a month who's going to win the fight and how, what the consequences of it all will be.

Dragon Ball Super 66 will be published in Japanese magazine on November 21st for European and Italian readers to enjoy Goku's last fight against this enemy on MangaPlus on November 20th at 4:00 p.m. earlier than the usual 17 due to the return of solar time at the end of October.

How will the battle between the two rivals end, especially after the recent events? Let us know in the comments.

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