My Hero Academia: Who is the Mysterious Person Who Popped Up in Chapter 288?

Of characters My hero academia it really has many. With almost 30 tankobons, Kohei Horikoshi introduced heroes and villains, civilians and police officers who made the story more dynamic. Many of these characters are at the center of the fight with the Paranormal Liberation Army, a group that causes a lot of trouble.

All the main heroes are on the battlefield. We saw Endeavor Deku and the other Yuei youth face Tomura Shigaraki ei nomu or the new battle between Uraraka and Toga that is sure to keep you hooked. But apparently there is someone out of the area who will manifest.

Right in the very first page of My Hero Academia 288Air transport accompanies a dark figure in the direction of Jaku. There doesn't seem to be any time to waste as he wants to be in the area as soon as possible, although it is mentioned that he is not in perfect physical shape. The figure is shown in the shadow and from behind so we don't understand who he is.

Obviously the fans suffered pointed at Best Jeanist, one of the top 10 heroes of My Hero Academia and who has not been shown for a long time. The character was believed to have been killed by Hawks, but there were never any confirmations. Will he be the one to support his colleagues? Unfortunately, we won't know right away as My Hero Academia will be on pause next week.

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