Avatar The Last Airbender: Katara shows her true abilities in the last volume

Despite the series Avatar: The Last Airbender A few years ago the adventures of Aang and the Avatar team ended thanks to the comic stories published by Dark Horse Comics, and in the latest volume, Katara and the Pirates' Silver, the young water master once again showed that he was a great fighter.

In contrast to the previous volumes, the story is included takes place during the events of the second seasonor Book Two: Earth. The story begins with the protagonists, recently joined by Toph, flying across the skies of the Kingdom of Earth. Katara advises her companions to relax while Toph invites others to stay focused as the Fire Nation is on their trail. After a brief discussion, the companions seem to agree with the newcomer, pointing out how anxious and frightened Katara seems.

But Katara will have the perfect opportunity to show the entire team her true strength in an intense match. Indeed, shortly after the confrontation with Toph Some Fire Nation men see Appa beyond the cloudsand hit him with catapults. Appa doesn't go on and turns, and Katara falls into the water apart from her friends.

The young girl is in an area controlled by the Fire Nation and once discovered, she uses her water domination skills to take them out. He later manages to outsmart some guards only to find himself in front of him a crew of pirateswho need a water dominatrix to face the current and leave this place and offer Katara a safe passage in exchange for this service.

The escape, however, is interrupted by the Fire Nation, against whom Katara intervenes instead of staying hidden and safe as agreed, uses his powers to defeat his opponents. But it doesn't stop there when the pirate ship seems to give way, pulling towards them, manipulating the river water, one of the enemy ships, and allowing Jiang and his crew to continue their journey.

On the trail of the destruction that comrade Aang and the others left behind, they reunite with Katara, who can certainly be regarded as such for these actions one of the best water masters in the entire series. Recall that Azula came to life in a perfect cosplay, and we'll leave you a nice transition between PokΓ©mon and Avatar The Last Airbender.

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