Among the elements that have aroused more curiosity Dragon Ball Z One scene in particular stands out, which sees the protagonist Trunks of the Future in his first appearance in the story, both on paper and on the animated front, while battling Mecha Freeza.

If Vegeta's son hadn't come from the future to anticipate Goku's return, Earth's fate would have been in serious jeopardy at the hands of Mecha Freeza. The evil villain who survived the Battle of Namek was quickly defeated by Future Super Saiyan Trunks who wasted no time in getting him out of the game through a series of quick combos.

But in one scene in particular, we see the Saiyan making hand gestures before attacking. This really shouldn't surprise us too much since we see signs of the kind also made by Piccolo and by Goku himself before launching an attack, but it is essentially esoteric Buddhism. In short, esoteric Buddhism in Japan uses gods mudraor drawings made with the hands that allow to develop and control the Ki. They are signs that are part of Japanese culture, or even better, prayers that go well with martial arts than the mythology of Naruto.

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