A PIECE of break confirmed: health problems for Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda has got us used to a release pace of one stop every three or four chapters over the past few years. But due to the coronavirus, which has also struck Japan in recent months, the mangaka had to Change the ONE PIECE work routine and pause every two or three chapters.

A few weeks ago, the mangaka had taken the classic break before releasing chapter 991 of ONE PIECE, and now fans were expecting a regular sequel, also as Eiichiro Oda confirmed this I want to publish Chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE within a year.

Everything started to break down when the first unconfirmed leaks from the magazine triggered the possibility of an unexpected interruption for ONE PIECE. However, the first details heralded a break of not one but two weeks, a very rare fact even though the mangaka has stopped once a month for some time.

This The unexpected interruption of ONE PIECE has been confirmed: This week and the next there will be no chapters of the manga that will return to MangaPlus on October 16 with the cover and the first color pages. According to the new Weekly Shonen Jump Leaks, there's a side that communicates a Problem with the state of health of Eiichiro Oda.

ONE PIECE hasn't had a two-week break since 2014 when Oda underwent major surgery. Fortunately, the mangaka doesn't seem to have anything serious considering it's already planned back in style in a few numbers.

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