The last decade has witnessed immense growth in the anime and manga industry. Although this industry is undervalued in the West, it bears great fruit at home. In Japan, there are many specialized shops, advertising on every corner - especially in Akihabara - and much more. And the whole thing should be expanded further.

In Japan of course the "biggest anime shop in the world" is about to open, so it was announced by its creators. Animation Business Journal announced last Saturday that Animate will open its flagship store in Ikebukuro, one of Tokyo's key districts, on March 16, 2023. With the remodeling of its main headquarters, the company becomes the owner of the largest anime shop in the world.

This expansion will also include the former property dedicated to the Ikebukuro Public Health Center. The entire facility will have a total of 10 floors, including an underground one, with interactive experiences and services offered alongside merchandise obviously linked to anime and manga. An event hall, cinema, exhibition area and its own café are included.

To mark the occasion, Animate has created a promo video available above. Would you visit it during a trip to the Japanese capital? And there is also an anime hotel in Tokyo to stay at.

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