Pirates begin their journey for Reach the legendary One Piece and they come in the middle of the Rotta Maggiore are not many. However, in the generation of the protagonist Luffy, there were many who landed on the Sabaody Archipelago. The mighty eleven supernovae are the brightest stars of the new generation of pirates.

Almost every one of them has played an important role in the story so far and also supported Luffy in certain phases of the New World. Now that the protagonist has entered a new saga of ONE PIECE, which will lead to the end of the manga, there was a sensational return. In fact, Jewelry Bonney has reappeared, the wolverine capable of changing the age of herself and those around her thanks to the power of her devil fruit.

Despite the kidnappings and hardships, Jewelry Bonney hasn't changed much over time. However, she showed herself in completely different outfits than before. Now let's see how it was in the beginning thanks to Charred Aznable's disguise. The photo uploaded to Reddit, which was very successful, shows a Jewelry Bonney Cosplay in the Sabaody Archipelagowhen it was introduced.

Definitely lacking in pizza and other nearby fare, but other than that the ONE PIECE themed cosplay is really well done.

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