The Japanese animation industry is a complex industry that oscillates between light and shadow. The tight production deadlines are in fact the result of financial resources provided by different parties to minimize losses.

Not all animation studios can bear the burden of what they've done MAP study With chainsaw man. Recently actually the producer Keisuke Seshimo revealed some background on his company's work with a Shueisha editor, explaining the reasons why the company borne the entire production cost of the anime:

"For our part, we had the idea of ​​making a better animated version of Chainsaw Man. We discussed what type of structure would be best and thought that if we funded the project 100% we would have more freedom of business and speech. That doesn't mean that "the system of production committees doesn't give creative freedom". Much of the work is done by an understanding team".

In fact, what the producer is trying to say is that pandering to the production committees, who split the cost of making the anime to reduce losses in the event of a flop, can somehow limit creative freedom. MAP, 100% financing of the production, takes on all the risks of trading, but in doing so gives his team maximum freedom of expression. In any case, given the success of the anime in the first few episodes, one cannot help but notice the goodness of the studio plans.

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