Akira Toriyama's mythology abounds with amateur projects, but only a part of them can achieve great success. From time to time some extraordinary creations do emerge, just think of the latest work from Studio Stray Dog. Legend: A Dragon Ball Story.

In reality, it's not the first time we've heard about this project, in 2018 the studio released the first trailer of the fanmade film. However, it took another 4 years Stray dog to complete the work and publish the entire video last July, which lasts about 11 minutes, on YouTube and which you can consult in full at the bottom of the news. This isn't the only amateur project though, as last year the Dragon Ball Z: The Legend of Goku live-action teaser caused quite a stir.

However, the ace up Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale's sleeve is undoubtedly the visual front, since the animations have been made with care and with a truly exceptional result. In fact, many couldn't help but appreciate it choreographic rendition of the fight between the Saiyan King and Broly. However, for those wondering, the synopsis is as follows: "Under diplomatic orders from the Grand Council, Vegeta, now King of the Saiyans, sets out to complete an interstellar assassination mission".

And what do you think of this amateur video, do you like it? As usual, please let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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