Kaido's pirates are a crew that can count on an infinite number of members. Of course, not all of them are strong as thousands upon thousands of soldiers have poor combat skills. But as seen in ONE PIECE during the Onigashima War, they are there several members who have exceptional strength and which have very large sizes.

Among the senior members there are the six Tobi Roppo, also known as the Flying Warriors, former captains of their own crews who were then absorbed by the Empire of Kaido. In ONE PIECE we saw them all in different situations and fight against different protagonists to understand who is stronger and who is weaker of Tobi Roppo.

Over time, Eiichiro Oda revealed many peculiarities of this group, such as their Devil Fruits. In which ONE PIECE 104 SBSThese six warriors were the protagonists of a small revelation from Oda. On the pages of the new volume, Oda reveals the Passions by Tobi Roppo:

  • Who's Who: betting on card games;
  • Black Maria: boxing, romance;
  • X-Drake: Reptilian Madman, Astrophysics;
  • Sasaki: sake distillation;
  • Ulti: craft accessories, bully her little brother;
  • Side one: fishing (wants to be left alone);

It is very clear that each of them, even in hobbies, reflects their own character and desires.

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