From the author of the acclaimed A Silent Voice, she recently hit Crunchyroll's Spring 2021 schedule For your eternity, an anime that approaches life and death in a philosophical and stimulating way. The premiere of this work already resonates in the hearts of the audience, that's why.

The first episode of To Your Eternity features narration, rhythms, and music reminiscent of a countless emotions in the audience. In fact, in just twenty minutes or so, viewers feel curiosity, fear, happiness, and sadness.

The episode begins with the ascension of a "thing" to earth. a spherical object that changes in response to what is happening around him. First it becomes a stone, then moss, and finally, in a sentient being, a wounded wolf in a white smock. In this form the "thing" experiences for the first time sensations that are completely natural to us, such as pain, cold and hunger.

After a short journey, the wolf arrives in a snow-covered village where a boy lives all alone who, when he sees the animal, explodes with joy and mistakes it for it his friend Joaanfrom which it has taken the essence.

Although he lives like a hermit, the boy is cheerful and sunny, a great speaker. The "thing", Joaan, lets herself be conquered by her open and carefree character. It was the boy, however abandoned for several years. His family went in search of "paradise," a place where there is so much to eat, including something he is dying to try, the sweetest fruit.

Trapped by this dream, the boy decides to do so go on a journey to reach loved ones. The duo, laden with provisions, embarked on an arduous journey, during which they withstood temperatures that were downright freezing. It doesn't take long for nature to take control: suddenly the ice breaks under the boy's feet and he falls into the icy water and injures his leg.

Although the situation is now tragic, the protagonist of the episode does not lose hope, on the contrary, he continues to happily talk to his loyal friend Joaan. However, Despair arrives when the two find a broken and abandoned caravan that probably belongs to the boy's family and finally understands how hard and cruel life is.

He apologizes to his only friend and decides to return to his house, where he is spending his last days sick and injured. Before leaving life, he expresses a last wishthat Joaan will always remember him.

The boy who gave Joaan a name, a home and a friend dies exhausted. However, the wolf suddenly changes again and takes shape to fulfill its deepest desires: see the world and meet a lot of people.

What do you think of this space? Here's a trailer for To Your Eternity. The protagonist and Joaan are featured on these two fantastic To Your Eternity posters.

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