With the coming year 2021, a year full of speculation and rumors is finally coming to an end, which in practice, however, have not confirmed or not confirmed the publication of Dragon Ball Super 2. Anyway, it seems that Shueisha and Toei Animation are slowly working on the franchise and some surprises will be revealed soon.

In the same silence with which Shuiesha opened the new domain linked to Dragon Ball, the publisher updated the website a few days ago. "dragon-ball-official.com"Adding some small details. When opening the page we are catapulted into a 403 error, which still asks for a username and password to access.

The user Saikyo Davintogether with the insider The checkerThey tried to analyze the domain's source codes and found some interesting terms that can be found at the end of the messages, e.g. B. the keywords for Bird Studio (the company Toriyama founded himself), Shueisha and Toyotaro. The name Broly also appeared in the codes. We don't know what these details relate to, but it seems that the website that emerges from this domain touches all of the brand's products such as anime, manga and merchandising, including internationally.

It seems that what is born from this side touches everything that has to do with the masterpiece of Akira Toriyamabut we just have to wait for more news to understand which fate belongs to the elusive Dragon Ball Super 2 and the new film is still in preproduction.

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