Bakugo fought Shigaraki alongside Best Jeanist, Mirko, the young Big 3 of Yuei, and many other pro heroes. The last chapters of My hero academy They were dedicated to this battlefield, the most important of the war. But Shigaraki's transformation made things impossible.

Only the return of Deku seems to have brought the situation back into balance. In which My Hero Academia 367 spoilers, Kohei Horikoshi recounts how the hero managed to return after opening the chapter with a gorgeous cover and double-color page on Weekly Shonen Jump. Deku was escorted by US military aircraft, which quickly escorted him to the battlefield. Here he managed to penetrate the barrier and knock out Shigaraki, throwing him against the electromagnetic barrier.

Deku wants to apologize to the others for the delay, but turning to face the battlefield, he sees Bakugo lying on the ground, Best Jeanist exhausted, Mirko, Nejire, and Tamaki passed out. Anger rises in Deku This begins to unleash the full power of One for All. The Black Whip comes out of the body and grabs everything, but Mirio Togata manages to make him think. Shigaraki stands in front and seems to announce that there will be no hope for her, but the My Hero Academia protagonist is ready to unleash all his power to stop him.

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