Lupine it is an immortal work, an icon of Japanese culture that has accompanied entire generations. Monkey Punch's masterpiece is full of details and anecdotes that still make much discussion. In this regard, we take this opportunity to reveal 5 curiosities you may not know about the most famous gentleman thief in the world.

Before starting, however, on the occasion of the recent first anniversary of the author's death, we refer you to our special in-depth study on Monkey Punch, to review the history of the most loved thief in the world with us. For those not aware of it, Arsenio Lupine it is actually a creation of the writer Maurice Leblanc, who first conceived the character in 1905. Because of this inspiration, the sensei has found himself clashing with the heirs of Leblanc several times in court, which is why, in several countries, the name of the gentleman thief has been changed .

Some of the ideas of the third series of the anime - in which the protagonist has the red jacket to understand - are the result of a film that has never gone through, Lupine VIII. The film in question was centered on the descendants, but production was stopped due to the legal dispute with the Leblanc family who convinced French investors to stop financing.

The name of Fujiko Mine it refers to a rather curious meaning, or "Twin Peaks" and "Mountain Peak" in reference to the prosperous sense of the iconic heroine. Goemoninstead, it is inspired by Ishikawa Goemon, a ninja from 1550 who stole from the rich to give them to the poor, and is identified as his 13th descendant. Zenigata, on the other hand, is inspired by Heiji Zenigata, a very famous fantasy character at home because he captured his enemies through the "coin toss".

In the movie "Lupine the Third - The woman called Fujiko Mine"there is a character named Oscar, whose character is the exact opposite of that of Lady Oscar. It is nothing more than a quote from the work of the same name. And you, on the other hand, knew these curiosities? Let us know with a comment here under.

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