One-Punch Man: Yusuke Murata dedicates a sketch to Mega Man

One-Punch Man It is certainly one of the most popular series of manga and anime in recent years, and this is due not only to the original and very particular story conceived by ONE but also to the incredible style of the designer Yusuke Murata, who debuted with the spokesman Eyeshield 21 .

Murata he contributed to the final rendition of One-Punch Man, helping ONE to adapt it in a real series, considering that at the beginning it was a webcomic. Going from a sports manga to drawing superheroes and villains is definitely a nice change, and Murata he also showed interest in video games, portraying with its unique style Mega Man, very famous character, protagonist who gives the name to the video game series produced by Capcom.

The master's illustration was shared on Twitter by user @NEBU_KURO, and you can find it in the post at the bottom of the news. By remaining fairly faithful to the original design, Murata managed to make it one of the icons of the platform games, even more elegant, slender and ready to go into action.

Struck by this unexpected illustration, the fans immediately showed great interest, immediately beginning to request other sketches concerning the Mega Man franchise with the incredible stretch of Murata. However, it is not the first time that the brand has come into contact with the anime and manga world. In fact, Mega Man in the past has received animated transpositions, such as Mega Man NT Warrior is Mega Man Star Force, who had difficulty conquering the general public, remaining in the niche series.

Recall that Murata at the age of 13 won a CAPCOM competition for proposing Dust Man as a new Robot Master. that One-Punch Man will have a Live Action adaptation, and it is rumored that perhaps Ryan Reynolds will play the role of Saitama.

What do you think of this beautiful homage from Murata? Would you like to see a manga or an Mega Man anime in this style? Let us know with a comment below.

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