In addition to the first key visual of Dr. Stone 2, fans of the anime focused on the figure of Senku Ishigami they will also be thrilled to see the character design of the characters in the awaited second season.

It is possible to see some sketches that show us the protagonists of the show thanks to the @DBHypeX tweet present at the bottom of the news, which has decided to share with the numerous fans of the series some images of Weekly Shonen Jump, in which the preparatory drawings of the second season are present. So let's see what the design of Sengu Ishigami, Koharu and Chrome will be, while we wait for more information on the next series of unpublished episodes. As you can read in the comments to the tweet, the fans immediately started discussing the new look of the protagonists, while others wanted to repeat their enthusiasm for the next episodes of the anime.

Recall that the first 24 episodes are available in Crunchyroll catalog, if you are looking for more information, we point out this news that explains what the next narrative arcs of the second season of Dr. Stone will be: we will therefore see the challenge between the "Kingdom of Science" and the Tsukasa Empire, this clash will be at the center of the show's unpublished episodes.

Finally, if you haven't already done so, we recommend you read our review of the first season of Dr. Stone.

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