A Chilean court in Santiago decided last Tuesday that the popular animation franchise of Captain Tsubasa ((Super champions), broadcast by the Chilean national broadcaster TVNdid not contain any representation of violence against women. The verdict came after a dispute filed by TVN, which was fined for a scene shown on the series.

The National Television Council (CNTV), who punished the television station, argued at the time that the scene in which Jun Misugi (Andy Johnson), a rival of the protagonist Tsubasa Ozora (Oliver Atom), the team manager's cheek slapped a portrayal of violence against women. The CNTV fined TVN 5.11 million Chilean pesos (around $ 6,900).

In the scene that aired on TVN in July 2019, Misugi beat the manager when he found out she had exposed Tsubasa Misugi's chronic heart disease and asked Tsubasa to purposely lose the match. TVN took the dispute to court, claiming the National Television Council (CNTV) decision was unfair and that the fine should be overturned.

Only last Tuesday, the court ruled in favor of the television station. The President of the Tribunal stated: "The scene is not about violence, but about the development of boys who play football. Misugi's aggression is based not on the fact that the manager is a woman, but on the fact that she has revealed his secrets and private affairs. That is, the blow is not given by a concept of sexual dominance».

Source: The Japan News

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