The pages of the manga by ONE PIECE They continue to show the great clash between the emperors and the supernovae with a continuous exchange of blows. At the end of the chapter, Luffy launched a new attack on his opponent. Here is what it is.

The war for the liberation of the land of Wano seems to have reached its climax. After the robbery on display Onigashima Numerous fights took place from the Straw Hat Crew Alliance and finally Luffy reached the roof of the island, where they started facing the two emperors along with Zoro, Kidd, Law and Killer Great mother and Kaido.

The protagonists seem to have got one Strength comparable to that of the two mighty pirates who in the past had proven completely different from them. This is evidenced by the numerous techniques used by the boys that appear to harm the emperors. In ONE PIECE 1002 in particular, we were able to observe the true power of Zoro's Enma sword.

After a powerful counterattack from Big Mom, Luffy remains intact and thus manages to throw himself at Kaido and throw several blows at the enemy when Gear Fourth is active. The move is called Gom Gom Kong Gatling and is a new version of Gom Gom Gatling that the captain has been using since the first volumes of the manga.

It probably won't be the final attack This allows the protagonist to outperform the opponent, but it is possible that this has weakened them significantly. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I am reporting some spoilers from Chapter 1003 of ONE PIECE.

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