DC Comics: the author of Black Lightning goes wild for the changes of the character

The creator of Black lightning he was very disappointed, and in no uncertain terms, showed his disdain for the decisions made by DC Comics about the representation of the character in the Batman and the Outsiders series, a series currently underway and published from May 2019.

Tony Isabella, a writer famous for having partially edited the stories of Luke Cage of Marvel Comics, was hired by DC Comics in the second half of the 70s to develop and create the first protagonist of color, a project that was entirely realized together with Trevor Von Eeden, but which only lasted for 11 volumes, after which the publishing house's production collapse occurred in 1978.

However Black Lightning continued to get compelling stories and somewhat interesting narratives over the years. Although Isabella has repeatedly shown enthusiasm for the new projects dedicated to her creation, the lack of ties and connections between the characters of Lynn and Jefferson Pierce in the series Batman and the Outsiders, caused the posts, characterized by bright and provocative tones, which you can find at the bottom of the news.

By proving against the editors' decisions to adapt these characters in particular, he ended up blaming these people for disrespecting Black Lightning and his entire universe. He also stated in a comment by "having closed with comics and with any online presence", deciding to devote himself to better things that he can achieve with his energy and talent.

Recall that DC Comics has revealed the June releases, while the miniseries The Three Jokers has been postponed.

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