There is very little now too My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, the third film in the franchise to double-link the arc of Endeavor and My Villain Academia. As a bridge between the film and the animated adaptation, a short frame from Season 5 introduced the group of villains who will threaten Hero Society.

There was a disturbing one in a post-credit scene from My Hero Academia 5x16, an original anime episode that focuses on Ryukyu's team Presentation of Flect Turn, the main antagonist of the third film. The leader of the villain group that will clash with the Three Musketeers appears to be behind the drug Trigger, a plan that has already been foiled by the collaboration between Selkie and the Dragon Heroin Agency. However, the heavenly criminal is not a cause for concern: the "plan to save mankind begins".

Flect Turn will be responsible for a mysterious one Organization called "Humanize no Villain", a group of villains who want to destroy the world of quirks by attacking the world's major cities. In defense of the company, we will find Pro Heroes from all over the world, such as Salaam and Big Red Dot, and Heroes from Egypt and Singapore.

The Humanize no Villain consists of next to the leader five new villains, namely Belos, Sir Pentas, Shidero, Leviathan and Allen Kay, were recently featured on Twitter. However, to counter them, we also find an unprecedented character, Claire Voyance, who defends the fictional city of Oseon. What do you think of the debut of Flect Turn and his men?

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