Mickey Mouse: a collection of Gottfredson’s strips will be published by Panini Comics

We point out the arrival of another series dedicated to Mickey Mouse: this time Panini Comics has decided to publish a series of volumes containing the comics written by Floyd Gottfredson, famous American artist.

The cartoonist has dealt with the main stories having like Mickey Mouse protagonist from 1930 until 1975, also inspiring all the major writers who succeeded each other in guiding the most famous Disney character. The comics designed by Floyd Gottfredson will then be collected in a volume entitled "Hellfire fire midday", in their original black and white version. Among the most important stories in the collection we find"Mickey Mouse journalist" is "Mickey and the mysterious S.", along with the other strips of the period from 1934 to 1936.

The work will be available only in the comics store starting next November, will consist of 280 pages and will be priced at € 34.90. This is an unmissable collection for all fans of Mickey Mouse stories, in fact the Gottfredson strips were published for the first and only time in 2010, in the necklace attached to the Corriere della Sera, before the new version of Panini Comics.

Finally, if you are looking for other information on the subject, we would like to point out our interview with one of the most important Mickey Mouse authors.

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