The very rich anime and manga industry can count on countless productions of incredible quality, unforgettable works that have been able to attract the interest of millions and millions of fans scattered in every corner of the world, but only a few franchises have really managed to establish themselves as points of reference for the public.

Among the names that can fall into this narrow circle, it is impossible not to mention The Knights of the Zodiac, a paper series made concrete thanks to the hard work of Masami Kurumada who has been able to conquer the hearts and minds of a very large audience and who still looks to the franchise with huge interest. Not for nothing, the brand has seen the arrival of innumerable parallel productions of great quality among anime, manga, films, video games, gadgets and much more, all designed to satisfy a gluttonous user of novelties.

There are many elements that have become iconic within the franchise and among these, in addition to the obvious protagonists now become true spearheads of the genre, there are also the splendid armors that are put on display from chapter to chapter with great pride. Over the years, fans' requests for the glittering equipment of our Knights have steadily increased and in the now distant 2008, Kuramada has decided to reveal some curiosities about their birth during an interesting interview. In case you were curious too, all you have to do is enjoy our video.

Before greeting you, we remind you that in the last few weeks fans have celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Knights of the Zodiac. In addition, an amazing statue of The Knights of the Zodiac has been recently unveiled and specifically dedicated to Virgo.

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