Started in the now distant 1998, with more than 20 years on his shoulders, Hunter x Hunter is one of the most popular and longest running manga of the moment, but it's also one of those that caused a lot of suffering to the readers. In fact, Yoshihiro Togashi's health condition has not allowed the manga to be published regularly since its inception.

Why is it still being tracked? Why of course The author managed to create a perfect alchemy between story and characters, which still manages to please public figures today, full of charisma and backed by a story that deserves to be continued. Now that Hunter x Hunter is back with new chapters in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and new volumes in the comic store, there's more hype than ever about the next developments.

Of course, the developments also include Hisoka Morou, the famous antagonist who has a special interest in Gon. Surely this interest would be quite different if he weren't a man, who knows if that's the case female Hisoka Morou cosplay it would create a different vision of the character. In addition, as usual, Yaiza Perez has chosen to make it through body painting, which is particularly appropriate for this antagonist.

In the meantime, remember all of Hisoka's changes in Hunter x Hunter?

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