Chapter 74 of Boruto introduced the protagonists to a new, bizarre mission. The coexistence with Eida and Daemon, potential allies of the Leaf Village, turns out to be very useful to fully understand the real abilities of the two guests, also thanks to the information that has surfaced in the new date with the manga.

Justified "The realm of the gods”, Chapter 75, now available on MangaPlus, begins precisely with the very detailed explanations given by Amado, already addressed in the spoilers released in the last few days. In fact, the scientist's story reveals the existence of an original character from which the strange powers of Eida and her brother would descend. It's about Shibai Otsutsukiwho, by utilizing karmic resurrection, managed to escape death many times and consumed as many chakra fruits.

This type of evolution has resulted in Shibai becoming a deity and moving away from his body and the dimension the protagonists reside in. The extraordinary abilities developed by Shibai are named ShinjutsuTechniques that can be described as divine in every respect and exemplified by the abilities of Eida, Daemon, Code and also the Sukunahikona and Daikokuten that Kawaki inherited from Isshiki.

To these revelations, which are incredibly important at this point in the series, Amado adds another painful event in his life: the death of his daughter Akebi, which he wanted to bring back to life by cloning. At this time, Amado came into contact with Jigen, who was interested in the mechanism of resurrection due to karma.

While Eida, at Shikamaru's request, confirms that Amado had a daughter in the past who later died, Boruto senses Momoshiki in his head. Otsutsuki confirms Shibai's story, and shortly after, the protagonist has a vision: Shikadai, Sarada, and the others are busy confronting the transformed Mitsuki, who seems ready to attack Kawaki.

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