Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Oneesan no Hanashi Manga unveiled promotional video

Written and illustrated on the official manga page by Hideki, Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Oneesan no Hanashia special video was released to promote the release of the seventh volume in Japan. The video has the participation of the voice actor Kensho Onowho plays the protagonist Minoru Soramoto.

Hideki started publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen magazine from the publisher Kodansha in April 2018. The publisher today published the seventh volume in Japan and the sixth on March 17.

Synopsis of Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Oneesan no Hanashi

When Minoru Soramoto's parents leave him with a large financial debt, the "Onee-san" from the next house offers to help him and brings him home to live with her. So Minorus begins a strange new life with the beautiful Mr. Onee, who thinks he's too cute and wants to have him with him forever.

Minoru, however, has many doubts about her new caregiver, mainly because she doesn't reveal her name or doesn't know how she paid her parents' big debts, since she only replied: โ€œI saved my money all my life and on it Waited for opportunity. ""

Source: Oricon News

ยฉ ่‹ฑ ่ฒด (่‘—) / KODANSHA ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ


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