At the moment, Deku seems to be drifting and without any clues. His new life will be more difficult than expected, even if it is only in the early stages. My hero academia In fact, in the course of the last few chapters, he only showed us the new reality and everything that surrounds it.

Between one fight and the other with some villains, one of whom was the former muscular enemy, Deku is always on the move, pursued by All Might and guarded by the top 3 heroes. But an unexpected event in My Hero Academia 311 upsets the cards on the table. While All Might is attacked by a bomb in the car, Deku is under the crosshairs of one of the villains who fled Tartarus and can turn parts of his body into a sniper rifle.

A very difficult situation for the young hero. My Hero Academia 312 could therefore begin to bring us to the core of this phase: Deku may try to speak for information about All for Onebut it will hardly give in to hostile wishes. The protagonist of My Hero Academia will respond to the attack and be briefly involved in a fight. However, this could be calculated as the villains take All Might hostage in an attempt to force Deku to surrender.

Will this be the beginning of the end of All Might? My Hero Academia 312 will arrive on MangaPlus on Sunday May 16, 2021.

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