Following the scandal she was involved in in 2020 over author Tatsuya Matsuki, the act-age artist returns to Weekly Shonen Jump. Two years after the serious incident, the artist Shiro Usazaki is actually ready to launch her new one-shot.

Two years have passed since the rising star of Shueisha Act-Age was removed following what later turned out to be well-founded allegations against writer Matsuki. TO it was the innocent Shiro Usazaki who paid for itwhose most important project was snatched from his hands.

Though he never participated in a manga serialization again, Usazaki remained active despite the scandal, which is teaming up with Osamu Ishikawa in 2020 and Itou in 2022 to launch the one-shots Engan no Cyclops and Ryuu no Eigakan. However, the Act-Age designer's future looks bright with Usazaki ready to return to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump.

It was recently announced that Shiro Usazaki will return to Shueisha's weekly magazine One-Shot titled "Kimi to Aoi Yoru no (You and the Stockhock Night)", created in collaboration with Kisadori (story) and Taoka Muneaki and Shinoda Kizuki (original concepts). The opera will debut on March 20 Ranked #16 in Weekly Shonen Jump of the Year. However, everything is silent on the return of Act-Age directed by another author.

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