L'Final Act of My Hero Academia it's a constant surprise. In fact, author Kohei Horikoshi has once again managed to surprise readers with a sudden change of sides. After La Brava, Gentle Criminal and Lady Nagant, another villain joins the heroes.

L'final story arc of My Hero Academia it gives way to all the minor characters of the work to shine in their own light. The main protagonist of the latest cliffhanger is a student of Yuei who has always dreamed of being part of the hero section.

In the Chapter 382 of My Hero Academia titled "Don't let him escape", All For One manages to break free from Dark Shadow's dark grip to escape the clash and reach Tomura Shigaraki. The evil king is indeed about to miss an opportunity to take control of his young disciple's body.

As the body continues to rejuvenate in My Hero Academia 382 All For One, the heroes seem to have missed the chance to stop it. The Symbol of Fear actually runs away undisturbed while an ally arrives as reinforcements.

On the Battlefield also comes Gigantomachy, but attacks All For One for some strange reason. The reason will be said soon. Kirishima and Shinso can be seen on his head and it's easy to imagine what happened. Machia is trained to only listen to Shigaraki's voice, and through his Quirk and Shinso speech synthesizer, he managed to duplicate her voice to fool the colossal villain. As Shinso leads the heroes of My Hero Academia to victory, All For One is betrayed by its most loyal servant.

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