The epic of Sword art online is one of the most famous franchises in the world, largely thanks to a television series that made Reki Kawahara's work go viral in the West too. The anime currently has 96 episodes and two films, one of which is expected to debut in Japan later this year. But when will the sequel to Alicization be released?

Please provide an exact date for the debut of Sword Art Online: Unital RingThe new macro saga that the author conceived at the end of Alicization is very complex, as Kawahara is still working on the narrative arc, which will only consist of 4 volumes as of December 10, 2020. We also know that Unital Ring will be a long saga, if not more than Alicization, which instead saw 9 volumes written between 2012 and 2016.

Assuming the author maintains the current editorial schedule with the publication of 2 novels per year, this is to be expected End of the narrative sheet at the earliest 2023. If this is the case, when the staff starts working on the television project in advance to adapt the first parts of the saga, we might be faced with two possible scenarios:

  • The announcement of the anime adaptation of the first volumes of Unital Ring in 2022/2023, possibly in a season of 24 episodes, following the debut of Sword Art Online: Progressive in theaters that year;
  • Or, A-1 pictures won't start working on Unital Ring until the end of the paper saga, an option that would allow the studio to work more quietly on a macro season of over 40 episodes, as we saw with Alicization, but with a more distant release date . between 2023 and 2024;

One thing is for sure: we'll have to wait a few more years to see Sword Art Online: Unital Ring on the small screen, but the studio has already started taking cover with the television transposition of Progressive that could accompany the franchise in these areas to go long years of waiting. However, which hypothesis do you think is the most likely? Tell us yours as usual in the area reserved for comments.

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