The first episode of Demon Slayer Season 3 exceeded all expectations, with an hour-long episode that allowed viewers to become acquainted with the crescents in the service of Muzan Kibutsuji and brought Tanjiro Kamado towards Katana Smith Village

The second part of Demon Slayer 3 was a transitional game and, in addition to emphasizing the great skills of the Pillar of the Mist Muichiro Tokito, it takes the protagonist to make a crucial leap forward. Tanjiro managed to train with it Yoriichi type zero and to deliver a blow with which he severed the mechanical doll's head. However, one leaked from the structure Katana that has always seemed hidden.

In Demon Slayer 3x03 Tanjiro and Kotetsu will approach the Nichirin hidden in Yoriichi Type Zero. The mechanical doll was built by Kotetsu's ancestors over 300 years earlier, but why did they hide the katana inside?

Tanjiro came to Katana Smith Village himself looking for a new sword, after his was destroyed against Daki and Gyutaro. Will this be his chance to get a new Nichirin? However, the Crescent Moons will not stand still and wait and prepare their next strike. The third part of Demon Slayer 3 will debut on April 23, 2023 Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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