In a world that is becoming more and more popular, protagonists and brands are often given special days that are then celebrated around the world. Just last week there was Star Wars Day, while May 9th was Goku Day, a major event dedicated to the historical protagonist of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super.

Mainly the attention paid to the Super Dragon Ball Heroes live, where the new storyline was unveiled that arrived in 2022, and most importantly the completely unexpected announcement of a new Dragon Ball Super movie. While Twitter went crazy about the latest content and turned the trending counter on connected hashtags, there were those who did celebrated on Goku Day usually.

Fans - but also insiders - have congratulated Goku offer him his most varied gifts. Some have limited themselves to a simple message, but many have used existing artwork to greet their favorite protagonist. And there were also fans and members of the anime and manga industry trying their hand at completely new designs.

Below is a collection of the Tweets arrived during Goku Day. And how did you celebrate the protagonist of Dragon Ball?

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