Shonen Jump's weekly Golden Week hiatus is over, and for this reason the magazine regularly returns to publication. On Sunday, May 9th, the big titles like ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and also again on MangaPlus Black clover. Yuki Tabata's manga published chapter 292 of its story.

As many readers may have noticed, Black Clover 292 had two critical issues in particular that highlighted a mangaka issue. As every now and then in the busiest of times, there are some cartoons, if not entire pages, with all of the characters and main lines outlined and unfinished. Again that Mangaka couldn't prepare more than 15 pages for the chapter.

This shows that Yuki Tabata is overworked and the spring break wasn't enough. For this week, Shonen Jump announced that Black Clover will pause at # 24 on May 17th. Hence the Chapter 293 of Black Clover released to MangaPlus on Sunday May 23, 2021.

The hope of the fans is that the Sensei Tabata rest enough to be able to work on his manga at full speed again in the coming weeks.

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