The growth of Son Goku through the series of the franchise Dragon ball, as well as intensive training with particularly powerful masters have led the Saiyajin to unimaginable heights. In addition to being able to use numerous techniques, Goku is also very agile, but would he be able to reach the speed of light?

Speed ​​is an extremely important factor in combat, as is volleys of energy balls and decisive and precise blows, as they can determine a moment of advantage over your opponent if you manage to dodge his blows. First Toriyama and now Toyotaro play a lot with drawing Fights where speed is very important, Filling boards with attacks surrounded by kinetic lines that emphasize the rapid movement of the characters.

Has a big fan of the series calculated the speed of Goku based on the strength that the protagonist had during the race on Via del Serpente. Goku managed to cover the millions of kilometers of Serprentone in 177 days with a power level of 5000 when he transforms into Super Saiyan he reaches about 150 million that level, and using this data in the equation under consideration, user Chris Bennett has determined that Goku Super Saiyan is arriving at a speed of half the speed of light, 300 thousand km / s.

Only when the androids C-17 and C-18 arrive at a level of Power of 300 thousand, Goku will therefore guarantee such a speed, and with the transformations to be seen later, both in the Z-series and in Super, the protagonist has certainly proven that he can break the limit of the speed of light.

Keep in mind that Lunch got a double cosplay from Fabibi, and we're leaving it up to the new characters in the series that were unveiled during Comic Con 2021.

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