My Hero Academia 279: War Expectations and Release Date starting in the next chapter

Kohei Horikoshi focuses on all fronts of the My Hero Academia war. On the one hand, the Union of Heroes, on the other, the most hideous criminals in the country. How will the good guys get a winning strike in this tough fight given recent events?

In Chapter 278 of My Hero Academia we no longer saw Jaku but the intervention of the heroes in the Villa of the Liberation Front. Gigantomachia is now unleashed and seems unstoppable as many heroes have given in. Now it's up to the students to put their quirks and experiences into practice My hero Academia 279 The supporting actors will finally be busy.

At the forefront Momo Yaoyorozu this was not shown in tests against class 1-B. The heroine will be the captain of a group of students who have to stop Gigantomachia in some way, but at the moment the girl's plan seems to have only one way forward, namely the use of Honenuki's power. We will therefore see in the next chapter the activation of the peculiarity that forms the ground on which Gigantomachia will pass a real swamp.

however The rogue league members are also on the shoulders of the giant. If Gigantomachia continues because of the Mudman peculiarity, a clash with the students present there would certainly not have a chance of victory. The situation therefore seems desperate and there will hardly be any external intervention. For this reason, it is also unlikely that the young Gigantomachia can stop their unstoppable advance.

What about Jaku? This front is covered by the struggle against the Nomu and against Shigaraki. Possible that Horikoshi decides to postpone it the story of this area again in the next chapter, with some time being devoted to the other students in Section 1-A.

My Hero Academia 279 will be released on August 2 at 6 p.m. on MangaPlus due to a break from Weekly Shonen Jump.

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