He left us on May 6, 2021 at the age of 54. Kentaro Miura. Best known for bringing Berserk to life, a manga work that began in 1989 and sadly will never end, Miura has managed to win the hearts of many fans around the world thanks to his distinctive drawing style and characters.

berserk, which depicts the character of Gatsu in a dark world, is considered by many to be the best manga of all time. The story conclusion that came with Chapter 364 released after Miura's death didn't really come full circle as the mangaka expected to continue publishing the chapters for a while longer.

A year after his death, i Fans celebrated Kentaro Miura online, Each in his own way. Literally depopulating on Twitter are the master's finest slayer illustrations, along with fan art accompanied by the author's most famous quotes about life and how to live it. A profound work, Berserker, in which Miura has really worked hard and his vision of existence, which no doubt inspired many other mangakas in their careers.

At the bottom of the messages we will leave you i Tributes from fans to Maestro Kentaro Miuraand we invite you to read Berserk's lore and our article in memory of Kentaro Miura.

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