To avoid a war between the nations of Ostania and Westalis, in Spy x family Agent Twilight is tasked with infiltrating the city of Berlin to investigate the machinations of political leader Donovan Desmond. However, the only way to approach him is to attend the school assemblies he attends.

For the success ofOperation Strixit's important that Twilight can break into the gatherings of the Eden Collegethe facility where Donovan Desmond's son is enrolled and which the political leader of Ostania occasionally visits.

Suppose theLoid Forger's fictional identity, Twilight starts a family by adopting telepath Anya and killer Yor. In Spy x Family 1x04, the counterfeiters finally have a chance to enter Eden, but things don't go as planned. Due to a hated character, Twilight's plan proves unsuccessful. In the Spy x Family Episode 5 preview, we find out if Anya can actually study at Eden.

Eden College is thatmost renowned private institute in Ostania. Only the children of the most important and influential people can access it. But what is that annual enrollment fee?

To disseminate this data, it is the Twitter user @KaiKaiKitan who has consulted the official book of the work. According to reports, the fees for admission to Eden College are estimated at five or six million yen, ie. H. Between 36,000 and 42,000 euros. This causes fans to ponder just how prestigious Eden College really is, an academy reserved exclusively for the wealthy.

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