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Chapter 5: Sunny day

The director of the academy sends the Callswho accept: Emilia and her group, Ratura and her group and the three sisters. Lucy doesn’t want to go and throws the paper, Lynette finds that, who picks it up. The groups are sent to the forest to find out about strange events. They are divided into new groups for assigned tasks and build trust. You have fun, although this has bad consequences for a couple. On the side of Tiara and Company, they end up playing a magical board game to get a card from Lucy and Angelica. This ends up exhausting her. In the end Lavie gets the card from the director and they decide to go into the forest, which scared Emilia herself.

Chapter opinion

I really liked what I saw. To be honest, I thought I would suffer more from this anime, but I liked it. One of the very positive things I see is that not everything happens in the academy, but that they explore other places, in which case they go into the forest. And when they’re in the academy, they’re not your typical school schedules, they know how to use the magical element, as is the case with the board game that I loved. There should be one like this in real life, we would all be exhausted. Although the anime doesn’t have that much depth, it does address important issues without being so superficial, as Maryberry’s shyness is now touched upon. In addition, not all the weight falls on the protagonist, but the other girls who appear are given importance. I like and maintain this because it feels that not every chapter is the same.

The magic forest

Let’s go to the forest first. We don’t get much information, but we do know that the director sent them to solve a case because travelers reported hearing voices. They take advantage of the girls’ youth because they don’t take it so seriously in everything they have fun, because they are young and trustworthy, even the most serious is subordinate. The forest is such a natural place without secrets and tranquility that nothing seems to be happening. This increased the astonishment in the last part in a very good way, although it was somewhat predictable, only I think we thought it was something more terrible (for the house Emilia sees), not a new one waifu Ghost.

Fight for the map

A parallel but interconnected story is created. The battle for the map is a battle for the forest, it is a battle for the protagonist to be in action. The two parts complement each other very well, while the forest is the place where calm and worrying things happen, the girl game is the fun part of the chapter. They take us from one moment of excitement to another that is fun and looks natural. Everything fits the personality of the protagonists. I liked the game too much, especially because it was unexpected, we didn’t know what was going to happen in the next box.

Group formation in the forest

Chanpe’s idea of ​​breaking up into new groups is good because he wanted them to get to know each other better. This also helps the chapter as we see new relationships that shift the threads of the plot. Those who are together are: Emilia, Tsubaki and Chanpe, you go and seek shelter in the trees, and Emilia is the one who finds something that will be important later, the haunted house that makes her run away with fear. Another group are: Alpha, Nadeshiko and Ratura, who don’t do much. Finally we have: Salsa, Kaede and Maryberry, who are ultimately the group in which one of them feels uncomfortable and is sad at the end of their problems.

The shyness

Shyness that leads to the negative becomes a serious problem because it does not allow relationships with other people and only makes the person type about themselves, their things, and in their immediate environment. What I liked is that in this chapter they idealize shyness not as a nice trait, but as a problem that needs to be solved because it helps the person. So Chanpe suggested forming new groups to help his girlfriend Maryberry. We see Maryberry lose her device, which is a sad thing, but I think it’s a good thing, this will force her to get out of her comfort zone and face the world. Maybe I’ll get it back, yes, but after that something will change, especially since Maryberry has a wish that has been noticed in her eyes and offers the opportunity.

An unexpected song and an expected victory

Be honest, did you expect that there would be a song in this chapter? Because I didn’t and it never occurred to me that the magic would do this. It was a pleasant surprise. With them it would only be necessary to see the group of Rutera, Emilia and Tiara, when these three groups sing, all the groups will be there, or so it seems to me. At least for me the win was really to be expected, since Lucy had more willpower, better mental and physical endurance, which is not surprising. What is surprising is that Lavie received the card, but there is a doubt because Lavie just wanted to say something that Tiara interrupted her. Is the director hiding something?

My doubts are gone, I am someone who is hopeful. The anime has a good rhythm, the plot is not the most innovative, but it meets to get hooked, and the songs are good and entertaining. The anime has a good reception, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be another season in the near future. Right, I think the animation was better in this chapter.


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