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Chapter 4: identity

Three exchange sisters come from the long trip, only they bring some problems. When Tiara meets her, she quickly becomes friends with them, so the oldest, Tsubaki, asks her sisters Kaede and Nadeshiko to accompany them to visit different clubs. In the garden club, Kaede discovers a stone that she wants to find for her fortune telling, but Nadeshiko says no that it is very dangerous. Angry Kaede goes to Tiara, but Nadeshiko searches for the rock to earn her forgiveness. Together with Tiara and Salsa, they look for their middle sister and manage to save her from falling. This reconciles the sisters, who end up with a wonderful presentation.

Chapter opinion

I have to say that it is a very fitting title for the chapter that we were shown. I liked the previous one more, but it ended up having a song that I loved too much. The three sisters prove to be a nest of charm, each with its own recognizable personality in different genres. Tiara is the protagonist, although the story is not only partially focused on her. I would say that tiara is more like a thread that interweaves the plot and connects separate points. It doesn't seem that there is a character that stands out because each chapter has its own kind of story, but they also lead to what I envision as the last chapters.

Known Unknown

Has it happened that you come across someone you don't know in the classroom at work or on the street, but that person knows you? No? Well ... yes, they just didn't look at me with hate, I think. This happens to Tiara, who meets Yui, a member of Supernovawho her sister seems to know and has a grudge against her that she takes out with tiara. Yui tells Tiara that it's not a shame for Eliza. Tiara is only astonished, affected on the inside, without showing it on the outside. With such strangers, why else.

The 3 sisters

After this disappointment, we keep trying. We are introduced to the three sisters: Kaede, the youngest; Nadeshiko, the middle one and otaku from rock and tsubaki, the oldest and otaku of the younger sisters. The three have slightly different personalities, I would say that each fulfills its function and is within the expected in terms of its role. They don't have much other drama than the one shown in the chapter, since you can see that they are very close to each other. What makes me very curious is that they are "old Japanese" because they are exchange students from Yamato, a name given to old Japan in the 4th century. So these are the Japanese of the anime.

preferences and dislikes

It is perfectly normal for siblings to quarrel for various reasons, including different tastes. Nadeshiko likes that rock, so much that Kaede influences his music in a way, something that Kaede doesn't like. On the part of the little girl, she likes divination too much, but this is not a displeasure for her older sisters, I would even say that she supports her. In itself, Kaede is the only one who has the disappointments, disappointments that somehow endanger everything they have achieved, although it is completely understandable.

Different clubs

Again we give a brief overview of the different environments of the academy. In each chapter they show us certain aspects of what is good, we better understand the world in which events take place, to a certain extent new things, because the typical parameters of school animations are preserved. The clubs here are rare for us at least, but they retain the aura of a witch academy. Where the tour ends is in the Garden Club, here Kaede finds a stone that would be responsible for future tensions.

Fear of changewants to be identical

It seems to me that the underlying theme has a lot to do with the title, identity is against change. Kaede is the one who does not want to change, who wants to remain identical, who does not feel comfortable or safe with what her sisters want to experience. It is strange that it is only a yamato who is afraid of change when change is considered normal in different Eastern religions and even a zero identity or a false identity is instilled in individuality.

But the truth is that the changes startle. Why are we usually afraid of the dark? Because the unknown is peeking out there. The change would be the step from the safe, known and identical to the uncertain, unknown and moody. We believe that through a new thing that we stop being ourselves, Kaede fears that Kaede will be able to explain well and feel like it. Can we always be ourselves and continue with the past in the future?

The Brotherhood can do more

When Nadeshiko is lost, Kaede feels desperate and guilty, in the end it's her precious sister. They look for her and take Salsa (from the uniform I can say that the sisters are noir), which helps with the persecution. It turns out that Nadeshiko was holding a branch on an abyss. Seeing how she helps Kaede without hesitation, but her magic couldn't do that much because of her desperation, so both start their case until Tiara saves her (those powers seem right to me, I don't feel like she does have taken them out of their sleeves). From the first chapter we see an approach to magic with plants. In the end, the sisters put their arguments aside and decide to do what they like to do.

Fusion music

The song at the end seems wonderful to me. I can personally say that it was a well executed song in its execution. What I like about the song is that it mixes certain Japanese melodies with western pop / rock music. Of the few songs I remember, this comes from the anime To use Koi (Kanashii ureshii) that I liked and put a harmony between these melodies. The song we hear with that Konohana wa Otome it is Karakure or Naitofibe (Night fever, will this be a reference?). The dance, the melody and the voices fascinated me. I think that's what some of us expected from this anime and they fully correspond.

I hope these music scenes are followed more, there are only two at the moment. By the way, the suit that you used is by far my favorite. I hope there will be more songs, for sure. We will continue to see more girls walking the chapters as there are several groups we need to know (happily I write the names down, otherwise I wouldn't learn them).


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