Chapter 1: Legendary Academy

Tiara is the new girl who enters the Flores Girls Academy. In the meeting with the director, he meets an old friend, Rosette, who will be in charge of showing him the academy and introducing him to the girls who are in his group, they are: Lynette, Lavie and Ashley. When they have dinner Rosette explains that the academy is divided into three groups: the Noir, the Rouge and the Lapis, Rose's group belongs to the latter. It also informs you that they can be expelled if they fail again in their courses. All this surprises Tiara who in her last words says ehhhh ?!

The unexpected of life

I'm not much admired of the genre of IdolsI have seen very few. Two seasons ago, thanks to an anime, I better understood the feelings of fans of idols. Going back a little further, with Perfect blue I was struck by this world. And going further back, I was one of the first to sing nico nico ni before it became fashionable for a while. Now, magic is a recurring theme in anime, especially in isekais And in the mahou shoujo, seeing the β€œselect” Madoka Magica. This anime, Lapis Re: LiGHTs, these two themes coexist not in a modern world, but in a medieval world. Magical idol girls, it will be the first experience of this type that you have.

Chapter opinion

The start, to my surprise, was really nice, it falls into several recurring topics of anime of this type, but I like it. I do not think that quick conclusions should be drawn from this first chapter, but it is clear what path it will take. The protagonists also have a very characteristic personality, easy to recognize. In musical groups there are usually different personalities: the silly, the intelligent, the serious, the innocent, etc. I do not expect surprises from this anime, only that it manages to entertain and I think that with that mentality it should be seen. They should also be pointing out who is their favorite, I stay with Tiara.

Welcome girl ... new?

There is a girl who comes to town, it seems that she comes from far away. Redhead, thin and nice, at first she introduces herself as Bristol, a witch's apprentice. He looks for the magic academy to which he wants to enter, goes to the door and meets with director Chloe, who does not seem to be very attentive to the situation, since she accepts it without buts. Despite being new to the city, she meets an old friend. The girl who seemed new, with her old acquaintance becomes someone who will not have much new. Even so, Tiara's past is unknown to us and we know very little about her, such as: why did she leave where she lived? The new girl frames a mystery, a mystery that will come to light.

Old and new friends

Rosette, better known as Rose, is Tiara's old friend. Between the two it seems that there was a relationship of servitude, for something Rose puts the honorific sama to Tiara. His old friend will be in charge of introducing him to the new acquaintances, which are: Lynette, a green-haired girl, lover of monogatari and from books; Lavie, blonde and with the air of considering herself the best, calling herself Ace; Ashley, with purple hair ?, spirited and who usually fights with Lavie, along with Rose seem to be the most balanced in the group. With them three the group would be complete. The system they use at the Flores Girls Academy is one where groups must be formed to work as a team, so Tiara enters Rosette's group. This is a very simple way to form the subsequent group idol.


As Rosette introduces her new classmates, they take a tour of campus on the way. It is a good way to introduce us to the world and the skills that witches can have. What is striking is that to use the skills they must whistle, the whistle seems to activate the magical qualities of the girls. Another interesting thing is its sports, which seem to be taken from our world but with slight modifications. And finally the target shooting with magic arrows that explode, which makes us understand that even if there is a peace, there are certain conflicts or there were conflicts. I must admit that the singing scene, after the blackout, was a very nice scene.

School differences and problems

At one point, when Tiara wants to snack on something, an incident occurs, in which a girl ends up mistreating Tiara by seeing, ironically, her tiara (a new mystery). After this, when Tiara already wears her uniform and they can have dinner, Rosette tells her that the school is divided into three according to the qualifications: the first are Noir, the second are Rouge and the last is Lapis. Lapis should use everything at the end because they have the least marks. And there Tiara learns of a problem: Rose's group can be expelled from the academy if they leave with bad grades again. Just entered and there are already problems.

The anime does not seem bad to me, it has a good animation and if they repeat singing scenes like the one we saw, it will move me a lot. He will be involved in the cliches of the genre, like several anime, but that does not make him bad immediately, because with the common thing you can do a lot. The surprise for me is to join those two themes, of magic and idols, this is what encourages me to continue with this anime.

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